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It is our goal to provide assistance to those in Southern Maine that are struggling with the financial, emotional, and mental burdens that come along with a lung cancer diagnosis. As a small start-up foundation in the beginning phases of raising awareness, we are up against some financial limitations. We look to individuals, organizations, companies and foundations to help support our efforts.

Please use the button below to make a donation. If you would rather pay by check please make it payable to The sTAY Strong Foundation. Checks can be mailed to The sTAY Strong Foundation, 824 Roosevelt Trail, Windham, Maine 04062.

Thank you for your support. Stay Strong.


The sTAY Strong Foundation provides assistance to individuals, their families, and those close to them who have been directly affected by genetic forms of lung cancer. We work to provide experiences that encourage self-discovery, enhance quality of life, and inspire community enrichment. Through fundraising and community efforts we will increase awareness and provide education about genetic forms of lung cancer.

Stay Strong.


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824 Roosevelt Trail #129

Windham, Maine 04062

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