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The sTAY Strong Foundation Assistance Application

The sTAY Strong Foundation provides supplemental financial assistance for patients diagnosed with genetic forms of lung cancer.  We are able to supplement existing financial resources to pay for non-medical expenses that are not covered by other programs (such as Medicare, fuel assistance, etc.)

The types of support given to a patient are customized to that patient’s situation and financial needs. 

Contact Information (if different than patient)

Choice of donation (check all that apply) Donations will be worth $500 total

*The sTAY Strong Foundation will not give cash donations.


The sTAY Strong Foundation provides assistance to individuals, their families, and those close to them who have been directly affected by genetic forms of lung cancer. We work to provide experiences that encourage self-discovery, enhance quality of life, and inspire community enrichment. Through fundraising and community efforts we will increase awareness and provide education about genetic forms of lung cancer.

Stay Strong.


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824 Roosevelt Trail #129

Windham, Maine 04062

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